Germany and its Economic Fair play

A Fundemental Role of Agriculture in the Country of Germany

Agriculture is important for the countryfs food security and also a provider of jobs. It produces worth of goods annually and a factor to affect the economic status of a certain country.Agriculture plays a fundamental role in Germany, for 80 percent of their land is used for agriculture and forestry. Germanyfs productivity has increases when they replaced human works to machines. Theyfve been producing agricultural products like milk, pork, beef, poultry, potatoes, wheat, cabbages, etc. Agricultural products vary from region to region.The federal and state governments provided financial assistance for agricultural development, land consolidation, village renewal, and construction of country roads. Special funds were distributed to areas where agriculture was important economic and social factor. Farmers who used environmentally friendly farming methods received financial compensation in recognition of their environmental policy.The agriculture in Germany is fast growing and it contributes to improving the peoplefs lives and business demands.

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