Germany and its Economic Fair play

Government/Politics in the Country of Germany

Politics has a major role in governing the country. It has the power to create and regulate laws and constitution within a certain country.In Germany, the government is headed by the chancellor, who is elected by majority vote of the Bundestag upon nomination by the president. Chancellor has the power and is responsible for initiating government policy. Cabinet and ministries also enjoy extensive autonomy and power to initiate a government policy. Most cabinet official are drawn from the majority party or proportionally from the parties forming a coalition and they are part of the bundestag system. Chancellor may also appoint persons without party affiliation but with a certain area of technical competence as a cabinet official.The Bundestag is the cornerstone of the German system of government, which consist of about 600 members but depending on the election result. . Bundesrat (Federal Council) exercises much power than the 69-member upper. Bundesrat delegations represent the interests of the governments and are bound to vote unanimously as instructed by their provincial government. In principle, the bundestag initiates or approves legislation in matters in which uniformity is essential.

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