Germany and its Economic Fair play

Environmental Issue of Germany

Many countries nowadays suffer from pollution. One of those country is Germany, where it has a very big problem in facing the widely spread of air pollution within their country.Automobiles are the great contributors to air pollution. Wherein, people in Germany are fond in using gas that emits polluted smokes from their car. Nuclear power plant also adds up to their problem in air pollution. Germany is a well-known country that uses coal power plant as a source of their electricity. Burning of this coal every day is a total disaster in facing air pollution. As a result of allowing this power plant to continue burn coal, the air pollution level in their country increases. It does not only affect the wind but it also affects some of the bodies of water which causes water pollution. In addition, Germany has ratified various international environmental agreements on air pollution, biodiversity, global warming, endangered species, oceans, the ozone layer, wetlands, and whaling. These are a proof that pollution has been dominating in the country of Germany.

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